2022 Family Leadership Conference
Moving Forward: Embracing Change and Transformation

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Creating Culturally Responsive Resources and Translations

Session B10

Translations are an important way to share information, knowledge, and ideas with people who do not speak English as their primary language. Good translation keeps the meaning of the message, style, and manner. Cultural adaptation involves reviewing and changing the structure of the resources, program, or practice to fit the needs and preferences of a particular cultural group or community. Together, translations and cultural adaptations can improve the accessibility of materials and engage families from under-served communities. The primary objective of this workshop is to provide cultural and plain language tools and an overview of several strategies to improve translation and create culturally adaptive materials that resonate with diverse audiences. This workshop features hands-on activities to practice developing culturally responsive materials, using real-life examples from our network.


Roseani Sanchez
Project Director
Family Voices
Nikki Montgomery
Program and Communications Manager
Family Voices
Vanessa Rodriguez
Project Coordinator
Family Voices


October 18
18 de octubre
1:15 pm - 2:45 pm