2022 Family Leadership Conference
Moving Forward: Embracing Change and Transformation

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Leveraging Law Schools and Legal Services Organizations to Help You Influence Policy

Session C18

Expanding your capacity and reach by working with law schools and legal services organizations so you can make systemic and policy changes and continue to serve families efficiently. Presentation Description and Learning Objectives Many parent-serving organizations like PTIs and F2Fs have mutual referral relationships with private attorneys and legal services organizations, but there are other ways for parent-serving organizations to work with the legal communities to achieve policy goals and efficiently serve families. This presentation will focus on three ways to do that work:
● Working with Clinical Programs in Law Schools
● Working with Law Student Volunteers
● Serving on Coalitions in the Legal Services Communities

After this presentation participants will be able to:
● Identify potentially appropriate law school partners.
● Identify needs and activities in your organization that may be appropriate for working with law schools and legal service organizations
● Identity collaborative spaces where your PTI/F2F may have an impact


Maria Blaeuer
Director of Programs and Outreach Advocates for Justice and Education
Advocates for Justice and Education


October 18
18 de octubre
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm