2022 Family Leadership Conference
Moving Forward: Embracing Change and Transformation

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Virtual or In-person? In-person participation is for family leaders, family organizations, and presenters.  All other participants (Title V and other partners) are invited to attend virtually.  Please see the “When and How to Attend” chart below for further clarification.  For those who have the option of attending virtually or in-person, consider the “Important Information About Conference Sessions” noted below. 

Ticket price.  In-person and virtual tickets are $200.

Questions?  Email Liz Healey, lhealey.conferenceplanner@gmail.com.

Registration for in-person attendance has closed.

Virtual tickets are available until October 7, 2022.

When and How to Attend

Audience Day 1
Oct. 18
Day 2
Oct. 19
Day 3
Oct. 20
Family Organizations in Family Voices Network
Family-to-Family Health Information Centers (F2Fs) and Family Voices Affiliate Organizations (FVAOs)

In-Person & Online

In-Person & Online

In-Person & Online
Parent Centers Network
Parent Training and Information Centers and Community Parent Resource Centers

In-Person & Online

In-Person & Online

In-Person & Online
Other Family Organizations/Family Leaders
In-Person & Online

In-Person & Online

In-Person & Online
Title V
Online Only

Online Only
Other Partners and Professionals
Online Only

Online Only

Important Information About Conference Sessions

Spanish interpretation. All live-streamed sessions will have Spanish interpretation.  For in-person attendees, the interpretation can be accessed via virtual streaming audio.  Note that in-person attendees who wish to access the Spanish interpretation will need a device (such as a phone or tablet) and headphones to listen to the interpretation.  (Free wifi will be available in the conference space.)

Virtual participation. This is a hybrid event, and speakers are expected to design their workshop sessions as an inclusive experience for both in-person and virtual attendees.  Note for Parent Centers and F2Fs:  in-person attendance is expected for directors.  You must notify your project officer if you plan to attend virtually.

Third day of the conference.  All virtual and in-person attendees are invited to the final morning Policy Panel plenary 8:30am-10:00am ET.  The conference ends at 10:00am ET for all participants who are not F2F or Parent Center staff.  F2F and Parent Center meetings end at 12:30pm ET.  In-person F2F and FVAO attendees are encouraged to schedule afternoon appointments with their Members of Congress to educate about the work of F2Fs and the needs of families of CYSHCN.

Breakout session choices. Tuesday and Wednesday each have 3 breakout session times during which there will be eight concurrent sessions.  Once the session schedule is finalized, all registrants will be asked to select which breakout sessions they wish to attend in order to help with room assignments and other logistics.  See below for a list of breakout session topics.

Breakout session content areas will include:

  • Health equity/racial justice
  • Impact of COVID-19 on children and youth with special educational and/or health care needs and their families
  • Partnership building
  • Language access
  • Mental health
  • Extensions of hybrid services/supporting telehealth accessibility
  • Family and youth engagement at all levels in all systems
  • Organizational development (including grant writing, database tools, data analysis, evaluation, etc.)
  • Transitions (health and educational)
  • Impacting policy